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Meet the Umbrella Academy

by Elizaveta Wethington

“The Umbrella Academy” an original Netflix TV show that came out in February 2019 is a great show for those who enjoy Marvel movies because of its modern superhero theme. The first episode introduces seven children with unique superpowers, who were bought by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, their new father (Colm Feore) to save the world. The TV Series shows the problems of growing up in a family of superheroes. The children were separated as teens because of family dysfunction, but they finally reunite when Hargreeves is killed, and the children are determined to find out the mystery of his death. This series is based on a collection of  graphic novels created by the lead singer of My Chemical Romance Gerard Way.


The show begins well because of its great action and exceptional story line. It gives plenty of information about the years that the kids are seperated. But when the show gets to the middle of the story line it starts to become more about the kids and their problems they face rather than the mystery surrounding their adopted father’s death. Although the show seemed to turn another direction towards the middle, its drama still had me at the edge of my seat. The show leaves a lot of cliffhangers, making me wonder if there will be a season two. This Umbrella Academy is definitely recommended for those who are looking for an action, adventure and science fiction series all in one.

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