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Honor the Honors Students

by Athena Mata

Blackburn currently publicizes the Dean’s list students each semester. Most colleges post to social media platforms a list of the students on the Dean’s list every semester to show that they are proud of their students’ accomplishments, and to also advertise the school’s top students. Blackburn only sends an email to the students who made the Dean’s list telling them that they have made it onto the list. 

To make the Dean’s list at Blackburn you must have a GPA of 3.6 or higher for a given semester and you must be a full-time student. Blackburn has a very small student body, and that is one of our selling points, so it should be fairly easy to create a list every semester of the students who made the Dean’s list. Blackburn also has all of the information needed to construct a list of students who made it on the list. 

Blackburn should highly consider making a public list to share on social media for several reasons. It improves the school’s image by showing the number of students who perform well academically. It would also be free advertising for the school as the students included in the list would most likely share the Dean’s list on social media, and so would many of their family members and friends. Another reason that Blackburn should prioritize creating a public version of the Dean’s list is that it encourages the students to get better grades. It shows that the school actually cares about the achievements of their students. 

In my experience with being on the Dean’s list, there was one semester where I qualified, but I did not receive an email stating that I made the Dean’s list. There may be some flaws in the system that need correcting to not leave any future student who qualifies out. 

Blackburn should create a full public version of the Dean’s list and post it to their social media accounts to show their pride in their students and to allow the students to share for their friends and family to see. This would be a great form of advertising for the school, especially because student enrollment is down and our profit is lower because of that. Also what school does not want to show off the achievements of their students?


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