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Blackburn Beavers vs. Eureka Red Devils – April 18

by Bailee McCarthy

On April 18, the Blackburn Beavers battled hard against the Eureka Red Devils in the windy 50 degree weather.  Starting pitcher for the first game, Jake Lochhead, battled along with his defense. In the first three innings the Beavers had three up, three down.  It was tough for the Beavers’ to get on the board, doing so in the fourth inning, by a single hit by Shane Lewis. With a walk to Steven Diaz and a single by Tyler Durand ,a walk to Ryan Steen, scoring Lewis, the Beavers’ were on the board. Michael McDermond and Nate Basset, groundouts gave Diaz and Durand the chance to score.  After playing seven innings, Eureka got the win, scoring six total runs, and Blackburn only four. Blackburn played a very good game, knowing what to do for the second game.

In the second game against Eureka, Blackburn was able to snag a win.  Starting pitcher Brady Wilkinson battled hard through six innings, only giving the Red Devils a chance to score two runs.  In the seventh inning, the Beavers scored nine runs, declaring their victory over the Red Devils. Leading off the inning, Nate Bassett hit a single.  Following Bassett in the lineup, Ry Clark hit a single, allowing Bassett to advance to third. With a RBI single by Christian Padilla, Bassett scored. Clark scored with a RBI single by Shane Lewis; Padilla scored on another RBI single hit by Steven Diaz.  Tyler Durand had a single, that allowed Lewis and Smith to score. On an error by the Red Devils’ first baseman, Michael McDermond advanced to first, allowing Durand to advance to third and Diaz to score. With Padilla up for the second time in the inning, he doubled, with an advancement to third by an error on the right fielder, allowing Bassett, McDermond, and Durand scoring.

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