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Fresh Face: Cristian Wagner

by Christopher Stahl

At the start of the Fall 2018 school year, Blackburn College received the newest freshman class. In it, was Cristian Wagner, undeclared on his major, and number 14 on the Blackburn College basketball team. Wagner is from San Diego, California and decided to come to Blackburn for its basketball team. The change has been a big one, but he enjoys the campus and community that Blackburn provides: “It’s different. I didn’t know anyone coming in and it was nerve wracking, but it’s nice here.” Wagner enjoys this community that Blackburn has provided him with, and he has opened up to his basketball team according to his coach, Steve Kollar. “He’s a bit of more reserved guy, but you can tell he’s a high-character guy; he’s a team-first guy. And outside of his ability, which is really good, he just fits the mold of what we’re looking for as a teammate and as a person,” Kollar said.

Wagner got into basketball at a young age through his family. “My dad always played. I have two older brothers who played. It’s just my family. I was always a tall kid so it really worked out,” Wagner said. He sent his highlight videos to Kollar, which impressed Kollar. Wagner enjoys Blackburn and its work program. Currently working at Snack Bar, Wagner likes it much better than his job last semester: Campus Services. Kollar praised Wagner highly: “He has a high basketball-IQ. He understands the game, but he’s a quick learner.”

Wagner hopes to continue his years on the basketball team. As Wagner stated, Blackburn’s campus has grown on him in a positive way. He enjoys being here and playing on the Blackburn College basketball team.

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