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Blackburn Beavers vs. Greenville Panthers – April 20-21

by Bailee McCarthy

On April 20 and 21, the Blackburn baseball team battled the Greenville Panthers.  For the first game of three game series, Jarrett Sandlin, 21, got the start for the Beavers.  In the first inning, the Beavers scored three runs, Shane Lewis (3), Steven Diaz (15), and a solo home run by Tyler Durand (8).  In the second inning, however, the Beavers were no match for the bats of the Panthers. In a 45 minute inning, the Panthers scored nine runs.  With Sandlin taken out, Isaac Garrett, 14, was put in to help out the Beavers. Garrett got the Beavers out of the inning before the Panthers could score any more runs.  However, the Panthers were able to keep on top of the Beavers. Blackburn was able to continue scoring runs, but for every run the Beavers scored, the Panthers scored two more in the next inning.  The Beavers battled the best they could but they were not able to get back on top, playing only seven innings with a final score of 7-17, the Panthers for the win.

On April 21, the Beavers and the Panthers competed against each other for the second game in the series.  With pitcher Jonathan “Bubby” Stepp, 5, getting the start and pitching the whole game, Blackburn fell five runs shy of getting a win.  The five runs that were scored were in the third and fifth inning. In the third inning, Brady Wilkinson, 35, scored on a RBI hit by Shane Lewis, 3.   In the fifth inning, the Beavers scored four: Steven Diaz, 15, Lewis and Wilkinson all scored on a triple by Tyler Durand, 8. Then, with a single by Nate Basset, 24, Durand scored, bringing the Beavers to their fifth run.  The Beavers played through the seventh inning, even though they could not score any more runs, with the final score of 9-5, Greenville for the win.

In the last game of the series against Greenville, the Beavers managed a win of 6-3.  Starting pitcher Tyler Durand, 8, only allowed three runs. Durand pitched for eight and a half innings, being relieved by Shane Lewis, 3.   In the first inning, the Beavers scored one run by Tyler Durand, after a single by Ryan Steen, 25, advancing to third, then advancing to home on a passed ball.  In the seventh inning, the Beavers added two more runs to the score as Brandon Lewis, 2, and Steven Diaz, 15, scored. In the eighth inning, the Beavers scored three more runs to win the final game against Greenville.  A home run by right fielder, Walter Jarvis started off the inning. Then after a RBI by Smith, Nate Bassett, 24, and Brady Wilkinson, 35, both scored. The Beavers managed to hold the Panthers in the top of the ninth inning to get another win on the Blackburn Beavers record.

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