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Fresh Face: Lexie Black

by Bailee McCarthy

Lexie Black, a freshman member of the womens’ basketball team, has had a decent season so far. The middle school education major has accumulated 102 points and played a total of 534 minutes thus far this season. Black is from Belleview, MO and attended Valley R-VI high school. Black has been having a really good season, and was great to watch in their game against Greenville in January. But how did Black get into the sport?

Black began to play basketball when she was in second grade. With her mom as the coach, she wanted to try her hand. She played softball for three years, from sixth grade to eighth grade, but wanted to solely focus on basketball. “It has always been something that has come easily to me,” she stated via email. “Basketball has been my getaway whenever I have a bad day and has always been something I can rely on to make me happy,” she added. Black also made it clear that she would not play another sport if she had the choice; basketball is the sport for her.

Her favorite memory from her basketball past was playing for the district championship. “The gym was packed and you could not hear anything during the game besides a loud roar. It was awesome,” Black said. Her biggest accomplishment is becoming the all-time leading scorer at her high school, finishing with 1715 points.

As far as her mentor goes, Black looks up to her mom: “She has been my coach since second grade and has always pushed me to be the best in everything I do.” Black also stated that her mom is the one who keeps pushing her to keep at the sport. “It has to come within you in order to give it your all,” she stated. Black would also like to thank her mom and dad for always pushing her in everything she does, and for being her number one fans and supporters. Along with her parents, she would also like to thank her grandparents for coming to as many games as they can and being big supporters, like her parents.

Black chose to come to Blackburn because of its size. “It is a small school and small town and that is what I am used to.” She also said that when she came here for a visit, she felt an instant click with the other girls on the team, and she liked Coach Chandler. Black’s favorite thing from this season is the closeness that she has with her teammates: “We are all so close and get along so well. I have made some of my best friends here and I love that it has been basketball that has brought them in my life.”


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