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Making the most of your winter break

by Noah Daum

Once final exams are taken and college friends say so-long, many students will head back to their hometowns for winter break. However, the grind does not have to end there and nor should it. Winter break is a great opportunity to be productive. Many students struggle to take on new projects during the semester due to the never ending deadlines of papers, projects, examinations and labs.

1. Give your résumé a makeover

You have spent the last semester doing all sorts of assignments, participating in the work program, studying new aspects about your major and the list goes on and on. Winter break can be an opportunity to evaluate this newly-acquired knowledge and add it to your résumé.

2. Apply for summer internships and research projects

A lot of companies will open up summer internship opportunities around winter time to give students some time to apply. Polish your LinkedIn profile, search around and apply. Websites such as internships.com and indeed.com will list opportunities by specific job as well as region.
Alternatively, use this time to apply for research projects. Blackburn itself has opportunities including the Mueller Summer Fellowship, which gives Blackburn humanities division and history majors the chance to receive funding for self-enrichment projects.

3. Take up the hobby you have been putting off

Think about what you have been really wanting to do while spending time at school. Nothing beats getting into something new and interesting, and winter break is your chance to do just that. It could be something that develops you professionally such as designing a website, reading or even learning something out of left field (such as lock-picking). Alternatively it could be something that makes you personally happy like playing video games, cooking/learning new recipes, running/working out or starting a blog. Do not wait until new years to start those resolutions. Get an early start while you have the time to do so.

4. Catch up with high school teachers or coaches

Ever wonder how the people you looked up to (or didn’t) in high school are doing? It is pretty easy to find out; just go visit them. A lot of high schools have email systems similar to Blackburn. Contact to meet up with them and catch up on everything. They will appreciate knowing the impact they had on you and their new students can benefit from what you let them know they can expect with higher education. This is an easy way to give something back to your community.

5. Relax!

While winter break is full of opportunities to remain productive, it is more than easy to get burned out by working nonstop. Take time for some r and r.

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