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Sabercats defeat Beavers

by Madison Deslaurier

Blackburn College has not won a single game in this season having a (0-6) lead. The beavers were hoping to win but failed to do so.

On Friday Sept. 21, Blackburn’s women soccer team played a home game against Maranatha Baptist (2-3).

The beavers got a total of nine fouls in the game, most of them occurring in the second period. There were a few times in the game where freshman goalie Anicca Mackay-Slavin was not quick enough to block the ball.

For the first 30 minutes of the game, the score was 0-0. By the end of the first period, the Maranatha Baptist sabercats scored two goals, while the beavers scored zero. Maranatha Baptist sophomore Alexis Sponable scored three goals in the first period.

The second period was almost looking up for the beavers when Blackburn senior Jasmine Tillman scored a goal assisted by senior Adriana Darow. Even with the sabercats not scoring any in the second period, they still won.

Freshman pre med major Morgan Zobrist said she enjoyed the game despite the beavers losing and having a (0-0) lead. Zobrist chose Blackburn College mainly because of the soccer team and how awesome coach Sohaila Akhavein is. “The girls are the best and you cannot help but smile when you have a good day,” said Zobrist.

Tillman mentioned the goal was a good free kick by Zobrist assisted by Darow with her finishing off with a goal. Tillman chose to come to Blackburn so she could continue playing soccer. She likes getting the opportunity to play and help build the program.

Blackburn College lost miserably and is hoping to step it up in future games.  

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