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by Rachel Burke

A Blackburn athlete has been declared Player of the Week in the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SLIAC) for men’s offensive soccer. On Sept. 25, sophomore business management major and offensive midfielder Jordan Allen was recognized with this achievement based on the games he played in against Lincoln Christian and St. Louis College of Pharmacy in that week.

“It’s mostly a team effort,” Allen emphasized. “Coach is always being positive and always striving for the best for our team.” Allen explained that this is not a one man show, and without his team and coach, Allen wouldn’t be the player he is today. “It’s good to have people that have your back,” he said.

Allen played soccer throughout his four years at Danville High School in Danville, Illinois, and was all-conference in his senior year. He played high level club soccer also. Head men’s soccer coach Robert Steinkuehler said of Allen, “he is very competitive and plays at a high level. He thrives on competition and playing against higher level opponents.” Steinkuehler said that Allen is like this in practice and in games.

Allen scored three goals total in that week; two goals against Lincoln Christian and one goal against St. Louis College of Pharmacy. “Three goals in a week is a pretty special thing,” Steinkuehler bragged about his player. Other Blackburn students have been declared Player of the Week from the SLIAC, but Allen was the first to earn this title this year on the men’s soccer team. “It’s a great accomplishment and a great honor,” Steinkuehler said.

“I just contributed to the team,” Allen explained. “I was just trying to get that ‘W,’ it didn’t matter to me if I won the award.” In terms of training, Allen said, “staying fit and getting more touches,” is what really helped him. “I played a lot over the summer,” he added, “it helps me practice for the fall.” Currently the Beavers have a record of three and two, but they still have many games to go.

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