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WandaVision Review Part 1

by Jenalyn Reyes

On Jan. 15, the series “WandaVision” began streaming on Disney+. It is the first of many series that Marvel has planned for the upcoming year. “WandaVision” was created by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Matt Shakman. The series features two of the Avengers: Scarlet Witch, otherwise known as Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), and Vision (Paul Bettany). As of this writing, there are five episodes, with a new episode streamed every Friday.

Wanda and Vision are now living a domestic life as if they are starring in various styles of American sitcoms, starting from the 1950s and progressing from there. They move into the small town of Westview, quickly settling in and hoping to blend in as an ordinary couple. They do whatever they can to keep their powers a secret from their neighbors, with Vision often disguising his android appearance when outside. However, on top of struggling to keep their powers secret, strange phenomena interrupt their day-to-day events, such as a colored helicopter landing in the black-and-white 1960s episode and an unknown voice calling out to Wanda through a radio. While it becomes clear that something strange is happening to trap Westview into a TV-like world, it is not immediately clear why it is happening. However, there are several hints that it ties back to Wanda, as many of the events revolve around her interests.

The series is a very creative direction to take Wanda’s adventures after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.” The show does well to parody old sitcoms, mimicking the humor, the tone, the acting, the intro and outro sequences, and the effects appropriate for each time period. Even as the style of the sitcom changes, the characters and personalities remain mostly consistent, with only Wanda and Vision reacting to the changes in their surroundings. It felt very easy to get pulled into the fun of the parodies, which makes each strange event that interrupts the lighthearted tone leave an unsettling sense of wrongness in both the characters and the watcher. Thus far, WandaVision is an intriguing show that is worth watching.


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