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Follow-Up To #MeToo At Blackburn

by 'Burnian Staff

It was brought to our attention that in the last issue our editorial contained some outdated information regarding Blackburn’s sexual misconduct policies. The ‘Burnian regrets these errors. It is never our intention to publish outdated or inaccurate information.

In the interest of student welfare and to clarify the correct practices to take on campus, this editorial will discuss the discrepancies between the last issue’s article and the most recent sexual misconduct policy, giving more complete information on campus policies and procedures.

1. In the first article, we said, “…If they wish to involve law enforcement, then the victim will be referred to local police and the issue is no longer handled by the college.” This statement is not completely accurate. The college will continue to work through campus processes even if the police are involved. The police may ask the college to delay its processes in criminal cases but this is often temporary and only for the sake of the investigation.

2. In the article we also stated, “… If it is handled internally, Blackburn security investigates and the case goes before a Conduct Hearing Board.” This is an oversimplification. Director of Security, Morrie Fraser, is the lead investigator should a case even get to the investigation process. However, he is in this investigative role under the Title IX preview, not because of his role as Security Director as is referenced in the article.

3. The policy that our article referred to is the “Blackburn Sexual Conduct Policy.” This is an outdated name. The current policy is called the “Sexual Misconduct Policy.”

4. In the article we used terms such as “victim” and “perpetrator,” rather than the “reporting” and “responding” parties as written in the resource guide.

To understand the many options that are available for both the reporting and responding parties, please refer to the policies, procedures and services outlined in the student handbook. All of the information can also be found in the resource guide distributed by student life.

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