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Half and Half Against Spalding

by Bailee McCarthy

On Wednesday, Jan. 22, the Blackburn Beaver basketball teams took on the Spalding Golden Eagles basketball teams. The ladies weren’t able to make a comeback win, losing the conference game. The men were able to hold on and win their game. 

The lady beavers had a close follow on the lady eagles, never trailing more than 10 points. In the first quarter, Savannah Kruse made a jump shot within the first minute of the game. Halfway through, Jenna Dudra made a three point shot, followed by Kruse making one less than two minutes later. Callista Francis made two free throws, putting the beavers behind by three points at the end of the first quarter. In the second quarter, Kruse made a three-point shot in the first minute. Kruse made two free throws afterwords, putting the beavers behind by three in the first half of the second quarter. Lexie Black, Dudra and Francis made free throws in the last minutes of the quarter, but the beavers were not able to gain a lead in the first half, trailing the eagles by 43-37. The third quarter was uneventful, with the beavers not able to catch up and gain a lead. Kruse made a three point shot with three minutes left in the quarter. The fourth quarter was about the same as the third, but the beavers were unable to make a comeback victory. Kruse made two three point shots, Kline and Dudra made one three points each. The lady beavers fell to Spalding with a 85-78 loss. Kruse led the team in points, earning 23 for the team.

The men were able to clinch their win and defeat Spalding. In the first 10 minutes, four three point shots were made, putting the beavers on top early. Within the first 15 seconds, Bryson Kirby made a three point shot. Within a minute afterwards, David Lopez made a three point shot. Lopez made another three point shot after four minutes of the beginning of the half. Karson Hayes made a three point shot at seven minutes. In the second half of the first period, three more three point shots were made, two by Kirby and one by Lopez. The Beavers had a strong lead on the Eagles after the first half with a 24-42. In the second half, the Beavers were able to keep a hold on their lead and defeat Spalding. Christian Wagner made a three point shot along with layups made by Lopez, Hayes, Bastien Seiller and Nigel Ferrall. With four minutes left in the game, the veteran players and starters were able to gain a big enough lead that Head Coach Austin Kirby had to fulfill the requests of the student section – put in the freshmen. And they did not disappoint. Zion Henderson made a three point shot, followed by Sam Mount also making one. The Beavers took hold of the reigns early and did not let go with a 59-83 victory. Nigel Ferrell led the team with points, earning 30 for the team.

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