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Fresh Face: Raushaun Amos

by Bailee McCarthy

Junior sports management major Raushaun Amos is a member of the men’s basketball team here at Blackburn. Prior to Blackburn, Amos attended St. Louis Community College (STLCC). While at STLCC, Amos also played basketball at STLCC. As Amos isn’t a freshmen, he is a fresh face for the basketball team.

Growing up, Amos played football and boxed before he picked up a basketball. Amos said that “I chose basketball because it was just way more enjoyable and fun. I also had two older brothers who were pretty good so I followed their footsteps.” If he would have to choose another sport, Amos said he would choose football: “I feel like it just ran through my blood, I just went another route.” A favorite memory that Amos has was going to nationals as a freshman at STLCC.

Amos said that his mentor was Kelly Kozlen, his former Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) coach growing up. He is still in contact with her today, but not as much as he would like to be. “She definitely played a huge part of the man I am today,” he said. A coach that he would like to thank is Terry Collins from STLCC. “[He believed] in me, and recruited me to STLCC, when not to many other coaches didn’t believe. He gave me a chance at the highest level and pushed me to levels I never thought I would reach,” Amos said. Amos said that what keeps pushing him to keep playing basketball would be his grandmother, mom and little brother. “I just want to make them proud and make sure my little brother has someone to look up to so he chooses the correct route in life,” he said.

Amos came to Blackburn because of Head Coach Steve Kollar. “He’s a really intense coach that likes to get after it. I’m that way as a player so I thought that was great. I also feel like he doesn’t just care about the game [or winning], but he cares about us as people and making us men,” said Amos. He also had previous connections with Nigel Ferrell, who also plays basketball at Blackburn.

Amos’ current stats are four games played at 87 minutes total playing time. His total number of rebounds is eight. He also has three assists, five steals and 47 points on the season.

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