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Set 5 Excitement

by Kennedy Henson

On Friday, Sept. 21, the Blackburn volleyball team played host to conference rival Spalding. With this five set win, the Beavers are undefeated when playing into the fifth set. They have won three games this season, all in conference, with all going into the fifth set. In all of their losses, the teams never played the fifth set.

If the first set was to foreshadow the rest of the game, the fans were in for a long night. Set one, filled with action and suspense, was taken by Spalding with a score of 32-30. The Beavers had 17 kills, hit .250  and had five errors in the set, but they weren’t able to utilize those mistakes to pull out a win in the first. Spalding hit .200 with 10 kills and four errors. The second set had the largest score difference, with Blackburn coming out victorious 25-16. The Beavers also hit for their highest percentage of the night at .357 with 11 kills and one error, the least committed per set by either team.

Thirsty for another set win, attempting to avoid playing five sets, the Beavers came into the third set ready to play. However, they fell to the Golden Eagles 21-25. The home team hit a game low .207 in the set, along with four errors and 10 kills. The Eagles lined up almost parallel on the stat sheet  to the Beavers in the set, besides hitting .171, another game low for them. The fourth set was just as close as the first, with Blackburn coming out on top, 25-23. The home team hit .250, matching set one, but reduced their kill total, coming in at 14. They also committed a game high six errors. The fifth set was filled with nothing but excitement, as the Beavers barely scraped out the win 15-12. The numbers in errors and kills mirrored those in set 3, with 4 and 10 respectively. The team hit .273 in the fifth set, an improvement from the two previous sets.

Kendall Knop lead the team in kills, with an astounding 26 for the game, followed by Alanni Young with 17. The team combined for 62 kills in the game, a season high. Annika Ochs lead the team in digs with 18, followed by Knop with 15. The team had 65 digs throughout the game. Knop, Kaitlyn Weigand and Emily Schroeder each ended up with two blocks in the game, while Young and Lucy Magnussen each had one.

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