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Arts and Crafts, but for Adults

by Athena Mata

Blackburn has a new club with some creative and artistic members. The art club met for the first time on Tuesday, Jan. 21, and many people attended the meeting to discuss the club’s future and sign up to join.

The art club’s poster

The President of the club is Lexi Snow, a freshman psychology and history major, the vice president is Maverick Vancuren, a junior history major, the treasurer is Brooke Russell, a senior biology major, and the secretary is Arianna Roach, a senior creative writing major. Snow stated that there were approximately 12 to 15 people at the first meeting, but she believes and hopes that more people will attend the next meeting on Thursday, Feb. 6 from 4:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.

The club intends on hosting fundraisers to raise money for the club to visit the Art Institute of Chicago over spring break. The club will be making and selling clay cups and bowls for their first fundraiser for the trip. The club will get together to make the cups and bowls on Feb. 6. The club will also be hosting creative nights where the club members can socialize and join Deborah Wheeler, an adjunct art professor at Blackburn, to create art of all forms. 

The art club has been around for a while as a tentative group, but the club was never officially established, but Snow is currently filling out all of the necessary paperwork to make the club official. Snow stated that her overall goal for the club is “ to grow as a club and help each other grow as artists and as people.” Snow also stated that she looks forward to the positive and inspiring atmosphere that the club will have.

If you like art, or even if you are just curious to try your hand at making some art, then come to the next club meeting on Feb. 6, from 4:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. If you miss that meeting, then the club intends to have regular meetings every other Thursday.

Artwork by Athena Mata

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