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Making an Honor Worker

by Grace Hadler

Part of Blackburn’s work program is the acknowledgement of honor workers. Every month each department can choose one worker to recognize as an honor worker. The honor worker system praises good work ethic and commitment to the job. Nominees are given a shirt and awarded a certificate. But what makes an honor worker?

Manager of Dining and Hospitality Katie Chase picks honor workers along with her leadership team. Aside from her, this leadership team includes crew heads and assistant managers who look for positive qualities in workers. While all departments may search for slightly different qualities in honor workers, Chase believes that all departments “want them to be reliable” and do their job.

In an honor worker Chase also looks for someone that “knows the job well” and has good time management skills. Going above and beyond, such as picking up shifts for sick coworkers and volunteering for catering events makes a worker stand out. In Chase’s mind, an honor worker is positive, easy to talk to, and knows “there’s time to play and there’s time to work.”

The latest honor worker nominee from Dining and Hospitality is sophomore Camron Brown. This is his second nomination, having also been nominated in the fall 2019 semester. Chase describes him as someone who is “always friendly, always jokes with us, even when not on shift.” She also called him a “truly exceptional person.”

Brown was more modest about his achievement. When asked the secret to his success he says he tries his best and tries to “help out extra.” His advice to other aspiring honor workers is similar: “Try your best, and try helping other people out when you can. Do your job, show up to work, show up on time.”

The honor worker system motivates workers to go the extra mile in their work. “I think it’s great that we recognize these people,” Chase said. She also admitted “there’s obviously a lot of people that should be recognized that don’t always get the recognition” because each department can only nominate one honor worker per month. She appreciates the system because it allows leaders to “show appreciation back to the workers.”

Dining and hospitality worker Camron Brown has been named honor worker several times in the past

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