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Why Blackburn is for Me

by Ashley Thompson

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, 37.2 percent of college students transfer during their college career. Each transfer student’s reasons are their own, for myself I have found a school that I like. Blackburn is my favorite school of the two that I have transferred to during my college career.

Life at Blackburn has been a completely different experience than the other colleges I have been to, especially at the start of the year.

The start of the year was nothing special at Southwestern Illinois College, a community college. Students went to class and then maybe to a job outside of school or home. I was the student who went home after class and never really socialized outside of the classroom. During class I would sit in the back and keep my head down, hoping the professor would not call on me. I would meet people who were in the same classes I was in, but that was the extent of my social life in the community college setting.

Then when I transferred to Wyoming University, the start of the year was relatively normal. Students went to classes, got to know some people in the class and maybe started talking to them outside of class. I found a couple of people that I had classes with and talked with them outside of class, but that was all I did. During these classes I would again, sit in the back of the class with my head down and just take notes. I did not want to participate in the class discussions. I didn’t do much else and that made the start of the year feel like it was dredging on. Blackburn is a completely different case though.

When I started at Blackburn College, I had no clue how the beginning of the year was going to be. Just like the other schools, classes began and I started to meet people in those classes. Unlike the other schools I started forming friendships with people I did not know the week before. These friendships were not just classroom acquaintances, they were actual friendships that involved socialization outside of the classroom.

Blackburn classes are very different than what I have experienced before. Here I can participate in the class discussion without fear of my ideas being rejected. The classes are welcoming and the professors here are actually wanting to have discussions that are inclusive to everyone in the class. Blackburn College is by far the best college that I have attended in my college career.

Blackburn College after the first quarter of the 2017 fall semester

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