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Your Dam Opinion: “Do you plan on getting the new $1,000 iPhone X?”

by Cody Bumgardner

“Do you plan on getting the new $1,000 iPhone X?”

Brayton Gibbs

Junior – Business Management Major

“I do not plan on getting the brand new one for a couple of reasons. One, every year they keep jacking up the prices it seems like. I’m usually the type of guy that goes out and gets the one-year-old [iPhone] or the six-month-old one. I have the 6S Plus right now. I like the one I have.”

Noelia Martinez-Voigt

Sophomore – Art and Communications Double Major

“No, because iPhones are expensive and I do not understand them.”

Veronica Lee

Junior – Studio Art and Creative Writing Double Major

“Probably not because it is very expensive. But I will probably stick with iPhone and upgrade through my carrier. If I get it discounted or for free, then sure.”

Layna Broux

Sophomore – Justice Administration Major

“No, I’m not planning on getting it because it’s even bigger than the iPhone 7, I believe. The iPhone 7 doesn’t even fit in my pockets. It’s way too big and way too expensive for a phone.”

Isabelle Powell

Freshman – Psychology Major

“No, because I’m broke as a joke, and I’ve heard that there’s a lot of weird features about it. There’s no home button, and I like phones that have the home button.”

Hannah Brown

Freshman – Theater Major

“No. I have never been a huge fan of the iPhones, and I ain’t got no money.”

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