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No Fall Break? No Problem!

by Bailee McCarthy

In the haste of COVID-19 and returning to campus, Blackburn had to change the course of the semester. Once students return home for Thanksgiving Break, they will remain home, going to remote learning for finals come December. Since the semester has been shortened, there had to be some days and breaks cut. For example, Blackburn held classes on Labor Day and students will get no formal Fall Break. But that doesn’t mean students can’t make their own break to release the stresses of college.

Below is a list of things that students can do over a weekend to make their own fall break. These ideas are based around having little to no budget.

  • Take a half-day trip to Beaver Dam State Park. Just a 15 minute drive southeast from the Blackburn campus, Beaver Dam State Park has gorgeous scenery; there are hiking trails and a lake to fish at; there is something to suit everybody. Go and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature at the low cost of nothing!
  • Take a day trip to Springfield, IL. As the capital of Illinois, there are plenty of things to do. Students can visit Abaraham Lincoln’s home, the Presidential Library or the Presidential Museum. There is also a nature preserve with hiking trails and a small zoo students can visiting. There are many more museums and attractions that students can visit for the day, as well as a large amount of dining options. Taking a trip to Springfield can get pricey, since it is full of tourist attractions, however, don’t be afraid to ask for a student discount. Many places have this and it is a great way to save a few dollars. 
  • Make a Me-Day. No Fall Break is a downside, but on the brightside, it is a perfect opportunity to make a day dedicated to you. Incorporate things that are your favorite things to put the “me” in Me-Day. This can include anything that makes you happy like hanging out with friends, doing facemasks and whatever other activities you really enjoy.

This list doesn’t include everything that a student, or group of students, can do to make their own fall break, these are just a few ideas to get inspired. So even though students don’t get a formal fall break, don’t have it stop you from making your own.

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