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Who is the Imposter?

by Athena Mata

We all know that the game Uno turns friends against each other, but this game is way worse. The game “Among Us,” released in 2018,  has gained a new popularity after popular twitch streamers and YouTubers released footage of them playing the game with friends. This game can be downloaded onto your phone from your phone’s app store, or it is available on Steam. 

“Among Us” did not gain popularity at all when it was first released, but its popularity increased when the game producers, InnerSloth, wanted to create a sequel to the game. They just announced, however, they are not releasing a sequel, and they are going to focus on updating the original game. 

The game is about a group of crewmates in a spaceship who have to figure out who the imposter is before they’re all killed. To figure out who the imposter is, you need to call meetings and discuss who the imposter could be based on what the other players saw during the round. The way for an imposter to win is to kill most of the crewmates without being voted out and ejected from the spaceship. The way for the crewmates to win is by finishing their tasks, voting out the imposter(s) and not dying. 

Everything about this game is fairly simple, including the tasks and instructions, the art style and the overall game play. The thing that makes this game fun and exciting is the arguing between crewmates when an emergency meeting is called or a body is reported. During a meeting people will voice their suspicions against certain crewmates, and you either have to defend yourself or push the blame on someone else. Sometimes people will believe you, other times they won’t. 

This game is a lot more fun when playing with friends, but there is an option to join random public games to play with strangers. However, it is easier to fool strangers because they do not know you and they do not know how you act or lie. There are even three different maps to play, and you can have up to three imposters. You can play with four to ten people, but the more the merrier for this game. 

Test the strength of your friendships with this game, and try not to die or get caught. This game is so much fun when playing with friends, but it is stressful to be the imposter.


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