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Your Dam Opinion: “What are your thoughts on Pumpkin Spice Season?”

by Christopher Stahl

“What are your thoughts on Pumpkin Spice Season?”

Johnathon Shaw

Junior – Secondary Education History Major

“Pumpkin Spice Season is an abomination. It’s over-hyped because lattes are amazing, but then you add the pumpkin spice and it’s just wrong.”

Logan Elliot

Junior – Organizational Leadership Major

“I love it. I think it’s God’s gift to humanity, really. In the dark world we live in today, it gives me a glimmer of hope and not much does that.”

Madelynn Sneed

Freshman – Biology Major

“It makes me happy. I think it’s a little over-hyped, but I like it anyway.”

Alia Stewart

Freshman Musical Theater Major

“Well, I love pumpkin everything. I think it’s a little overdone now. I want my basics. I want my pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin pie and my favorite is a pumpkin pie blizzard. But the pumpkin pie toothpaste? No thank you. The pumpkin spice lattes from McDonald’s? No thank you . . . Yeah, I think it’s nothing bad; nothing to be ashamed about. I don’t know why there’s such a stigma that every white girl likes pumpkin spice or millennial pink.”

Roselyn Medrona

Freshman – Sports Management Major

“Well, since I’m from Texas, it’s not something we have, so it’s not something I’m used to. Never really heard of a pumpkin spice season. I mean, it’s nice, like, I see there’s a lot of harvest stuff, pumpkin stuff and stuff like that, which is cool. We have some of that in Texas, but I guess it’s not as popular as it is here.”

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