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What Happened to Monday? Said Noone Ever…

by Bailee McCarthy

Imagine a world where resources are slim, food is scarce and families are only allowed one child.  In the Netflix Original movie, “What Happened to Monday?”, reality is just that. What would you do if you had a family secret so big that if word got out, you would lose your whole family in a blink of an eye?  Hopefully we would never have to imagine, much less live it.

It’s the year 2073 and Earth is suffering.  In the beginning of the film, the film explains that due to GMOs, more babies are born in one birth — meaning that rather than one baby being common, twins and triplets are the most common birth count.  To save on resources, such as food, a Child Allocation Act has been put in place all over the world. The CAA states that all families are only allowed to have one child and all other children will be put into a cryosleep, which is when the government freezes siblings to wake them up later when Earth is no longer in a crisis.  However, when a set of septuplets are born, their grandfather, Terrence, of the babies must decide what do when their mother dies in childbirth. He decides to keep them all in secret, and name them after the days of the week — Monday being the oldest of the seven. Terrence raises the seven girls in a studio apartment in an old, rundown building.  Eventually, the girls are old enough to go to school.. Terence then proceeds to tell them that they can leave the apartment only on their respected days — Monday on Monday, Tuesday on Tuesday and so on. They all take on one identity in public, Karen Settman, which was the name of their deceased mother. As the girls live day to day as adults, the eldest sister, Monday, doesn’t come home after her day of work.  Scared to raise suspicion and break their routine, the girls continue as if nothing has happened. But will the remaining girls find out what actually happened to Monday?

I absolutely loved the film — I thought it was phenomenal.  I liked the futuristic approach to the film, as it was set only 55 years into the future, because it made me think and wonder what the world we actually live in would be like.   It also really made my mind turn as to what could happen when we get to the year 2073. During and after the film, I kept thinking about what the world could possibly be like in the year 2073 — would it be like what the film depicted or would it be different?  I also liked that the film gave insight about what it’s like to live in secret, keeping a huge family secret. I also liked that it had a lot of action in it, but it wasn’t they typical action scenes. In some movies, the viewer can tell that the fight scenes are acted, and the actors are careful to not actually hurt one another.  The action scenes that were in the movie seemed very real. As the actors were trying not to actually harm others, it didn’t give off that affect — they really went for it! Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and definitely recommend to anybody who liked more futuristic movies.

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