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What’s On Rotation: Post Animal

by Caleb Long

Are you a fan of bands like Black Sabbath, Nazz, Tame Impala, Pond and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard? If so, then imagine taking all of those bands and putting them in a blender, grinding them up into a fine, musical pulp that is then put through a phaser pedal, just for good measure. The result is Post Animal, a strange substance that will put you in one of the most wild head-trips of your life.

A psychedelic rock band from Chicago, Illinois, Post Animal formed in 2014. The band consists of Dalton Alison, Jake Hirshland, Joe Keery, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo and Matt Williams. Currently they have self-released two albums. Their first album, “Perform the Most Curious Water Activities,” was released in 2015 and was followed up by this year’s “The Garden Series.”

I’m a huge fan of this band. For a group that has only been performing together for a short time, these guys have shown they have an abundance of creativity and talent. They can be funky, heavy, cosmic, fast, booming or gentle at the drop of a hat – sometimes all within the same song. They are young and hungry: two qualities a band needs to be successful.

While the members themselves are all fantastic musicians, a big contributor to their sound is the production on the records. A song such as “Hoverin’ All Night” from last year’s release, which uses both speed and pitch control near the end, is catchy enough to remind you of 1970s pop, but will also disorient you in the most delightful way.

Another factor worth highlighting is the performance of drummer Joe Keery. Being a drummer myself, I know that it can be hard to bring something new to the table while still being a glorified metronome. Keery is a solid drummer that knows how to lock into a funky groove, but is also loose and manic enough to bring excitement to a track when needed.

The only criticism I have of the band is that they are not an easy band to get into. These guys are not afraid to delve into the realm of the strange and the unknown. I have a hard time imagining that Post Animal is for everyone, but it’s definitely for those who have a love for the utterly strange.

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