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“Coronavirus, Explained”

by Athena Mata

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives drastically, and everything still seems so uncertain. However, there is a great documentary available on Netflix for more information of COVID-19. The new Netflix documentary is called “Coronavirus, Explained” with 3 episodes that are each approximately twenty minutes long. The first episode deals with topics generally about the virus, the second episode covers vaccines, and the final episode covers how to mentally cope with the virus. 

The documentary is extremely informative, and while it is a little on the boring side, it provides information that the general public may not know about COVID-19. It scared me but also relieved some of my concerns. Everything can seem uncertain and scary right now, but learning more about the virus actually helped me feel a little better about the pandemic. 

The documentary even covers ways to cope with social distancing, and stress from the pandemic. It gives breathing exercises and basically justifies all of our weird new hobbies due to social distancing. 

The virus has been around for approximately a year now, and many people have found ways to feel safe, and continue on with some sort of normalcy. COVID-19 will never go away, meaning we just have to produce a vaccine, and try our absolute best to slow the spread of the virus. This is where social distancing comes into play while we wait for a vaccine. We are supposed to socially distance so that less people get infected, so less people die before we can develop a vaccine. 

The vaccine on average can take up to four years to develop and release due to the amount of clinical trials a vaccine has to go through before it can be released to the general public. However, due to how fast and easily COVID-19 spreads, developers are trying to complete clinical trials within 18 months. They started developing and testing some vaccines almost immediately after COVID-19 was discovered and started spreading between people. Which means that since the virus was discovered about a year ago, we should have vaccines coming out within eight months. 

This documentary was a short and easy way to catch up and learn about COVID-19 and the vaccine. It also helps a little with trying to understand what our future may look like, which is everyone’s concern. I believe that learning more about the virus helps me cope, but that may be different for others. Just remember to care about other people’s well-being by social distancing and wearing a mask.

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